RadioDog's development started quite simply with a basic web framework, designed to retrieve data from a ShoutCast server and display it, however poor-looking, on a website. This stuck around for a short time before someone came up with the idea of turning this framework into an IRC bot. RadioDog actually moved away from the integrated web scene at this point and concentrated mainly on providing the interactive aspect of station management via IRC. This was the case in the 2.x series. In the 3.x series, there was leaps and bounds in programming techniques, even though the program was still coded dominantly in mIRCscript, with only minimal web libraries running in PHP. The code was modularized and administrative and DJ functions were put into a web frontend which was much easier to use than the difficult Private-Message based control. RadioDog 4.x is now being made exclusively in PHP, and makes much better use of cross-platform libraries to speed up requests and memory access. I'm looking forward to a new wave of features to wash over RadioDog as more and more people start to use it, so please do send feedback!

-- Shatter