~:R A D I O   D O G:~
~:-- 4.xx Series --:~
~:---User Manual---:~
~: As of 8/13/2007 :~

I. Overview
	RadioDog came as a necessity while running an IceCast Server because of the lack of
	decent tools for station information provided to users. Originally designed in 2001,
	RadioDog has gone through many revisions and resets internally before arriving here
	at a point where it is ready for release to the general public.

	RadioDog takes care of providing as much (or as little) information to the user as
	is available from the IceCast server, while also reserving the ability to pull in
	information from external data sources to accompany the pulled data from IceCast.

II. System Requirements
	The target server as of the 4.00ALPHA1 release MUST be running Linux (Windows is not
	officially supported yet but you're welcome to try)

	The following must be enabled in your PHP build (until we get binary support)
	* Files must be able to be opened via a URL
	* Socket support

III. Installation
	RadioDog itself just needs a working config.inc to run (see "V. The CONFIG.INC File")
	The program ships with config.inc.dist -- just rename it to config.inc after updating.
	For additional help configuring specific modules or features, read below.

	A. The RadioDog Website Integration Library

IV. Functions
	A. IRC Commands
		1. '!listeners' -> Displays the number of listeners on each stream
		2. '!song' -> Displays the currently playing song
		3. '!dj' -> Displays either the Show Title or the DJ Name and Show Data.
		4. '!version' -> Displays the running RadioDog version number
		5. '!rehash' -> Rehashes the configuration file from disk
		6. '!quit' -> Forces RadioDog to exit

	A. Global Connection Information
		1. 'server_host' -> The hostname or IP of the IRC server for RadioDog to connect to
		2. 'server_port' -> The port number of the IRC server
		3. 'nickname' -> Nickname for the bot to use
		4. 'channel' -> The IRC channel for the bot to autojoin
	B. IceCast Connection Information
		1. 'ice_host' -> The hostname or IP of the IceCast streaming server
		2. 'ice_port' -> The port number of the IceCast server
		3. 'ice_user' -> Administrator username for IceCast
		4. 'ice_pass' -> Administrator password for IceCast
		5. 'ice_skip' -> Streams to skip listener information for
		6. 'mount_prefix' -> IceCast Mount prefix. Usually '/' ... Don't change this unless
			you know what you're doing!!!

VI. Using RadioDog
	RadioDog is extremely simple to use. Just execute the shell script provided to you! The bot
	will automatically connect to the IRC server and begin accepting commands instantly.